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    The kGrid Package - A Gridded Surface Model Toolkit

    The kGrid module is not an end-user program but a set of functions to create and use grids, including the best general-purpose gridding algorithm known to the market. The kGrid module is your high-power toolkit.

    Among the kGrid module’s capabilities:


    MultiFlex Gridder


    kGrid’s main gridder is the MultiFlex Gridder. In its Minimum Curvature mode, it will place as smooth as possible a surface through the input data, honoring any opaque fault lines. It also has a Minimum Tension mode, and can blend these two modes.

    It does tis well, and fast. In a benchmark test, it made a 4001 column by 4001 row (16 million node) grid in under 6 seconds, which implies that a grid of reasonable size should take under a second. Ask for a copy of the "Benchmark 1" report for more information.


    Distance Gridder


    Another useful grid is a Distance Grid. A Distance Grid shows not the surface defined by the attribute, such as elevation, at the data points, but rather the distance from the data.
    The Distance Gridder in the kGrid package uses an approximation called a Distance Transformation, which makes a very fast algorithm.


    GUI Helpers


    The kGrid package includes two default setters, one to make it easier to make a Graphic User Interface (GUI) to choose grid parameters operate in a user-friendly way, and another one to do the same for contouring parameters.



    Our growing list of customers include: